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Elyejah was born January 4, 2010 in Vancouver Washington. After 16.5 hours of labor at 6:41 p.m. this gentle soul and only son came into this world. He was the youngest and was affectionately called "Bubba" by his close friends and family.

Elyejah attended Holcomb Elementary school in Oregon City, and enjoyed playing football and soccer. He was in the 4th grade until his sudden departure on December 10, 2019 at 10:35 p.m.

Elyejah could be found most days playing video games (Fort Night), and reading comic books. His favorite color was blue, all 23 shades. Elyejah loved the outdoors which included going to the beach, camping, fishing, and crabbing. He also enjoyed astrology. One of his greatest thrills was saving a worm from an angry group of ants during the family camping trip.

Elyejah accepted Christ into his life, and attended Grand View Baptist Church. Through the bus ministry he and his sisters, Brianna and Arianna, would attend Children's church on Sundays. he was loved by his Sunday school and children;s teachers as well as anybody that had the pleasure of spending even a little time with him.

Elyejah and his sisters would attend the Armored in Grace Design Studio workshops sponsored by Compassion Connect. He was a really joyful young man and would participate in all of the activities. he would crush it at the Skittles game. He was a great addition to the group.

Although Elyejah left this world too early in the eyes of his loved ones and friends he will not be forgotten and he will live on through the Elyejah Project.

The Elyejah Project is a ministry that will continue "Bubba's" legacy through education and support for youth to help prevent suicide and trafficking.

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